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Hope Starts Here Podcast

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Welcome to "Hope Starts Here," the podcast that truly breaks the mold! This is the place where hope isn't just a buzzword; it's what we breathe, celebrate, and spread around like confetti. I'm Toni Mattson, and I'm thrilled to be your host and fellow traveler on this inspiring journey. Our mission? It's straightforward yet profound: to amplify the glow of hope and scatter it far and wide.

Through the stories we share on my website, the conversations we spark at speaking events, the episodes of this podcast, and the connections we make in our dynamic community, we're crafting a space where everyone can show up as they are. Here, we exchange stories, uplift each other, and light the path of hope and healing.

"Hope Starts Here" isn't just our name—it's our core belief. We recognize that hope is much more than a pretty word; it's the lifeline for anyone striving to stand tall after life's storms. Whether you're a veteran, a frontline hero, someone who's navigated through personal trials, or simply trying to stay afloat in turbulent times, this podcast speaks to you.

As your every-day Midwest person turned speaker, author, and podcast host, I'm here to root for you louder than anyone else. My heart is set on embracing God, family, and hope with all my might, guiding you towards the life you're destined to lead.

Join our "Hope Starts Here" community, where we're all about transforming lives through hope and deepening our connection with God in the most incredible ways. 

It's great to have you with us

Our Style?

It’s casual, conversational, and friendly, yet poignant, straight-forward, and you-focused. It's a transformative experience, a hands-on, workshop-style journey created to inspire all to lead lives brimming with peace and purpose. Every episode is jam packed with practical strategies to find, live, share, and celebrate hope… and live the life God created you for.

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Meet Your Host

I'm Toni, a Midwest heart with a spirit that soars. As a speaker, author, podcast host, peace-claimer, and change-maker, I’m on fire by my love for God, family, horses, and hope. My pride and joy is Trinity Equestrian Center, Wisconsin’s forefront in Equine Assisted Therapy, especially for our veterans living with PTSD.

With over two decades of traveling the US and Canada, I've shared my insights as a panelist, guest, and keynote speaker across various platforms. From colleges to international conferences, I've been honored to be a voice of inspiration and change, advocating passionately for veterans with PTSD.

Diverse Topics

We cover a kaleidoscope of topics all with the effort to grow your hope: faith, personal growth, grief, inner peace, clarity, health, purpose, and so much more with a special emphasis on supporting our veterans. Expect deep dives into subjects that enrich our lives, helping us to focus, flourish, embrace the power of hope and live the life God intended for us.

Plus, don't miss our monthly Q&A Day, where your burning questions get the spotlight.

Join The Journey

Come join our community of sharing, growing, and changing lives through hope and how we connect with God in powerful ways.

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"What an incredible start to my Wednesday! Thank you for following God’s dream for you as He continues to radically jumpstart the passions in others through YOU!"

- Heather

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