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Unlikely Recruits 

How God Enlists Horses To Heal Veterans

Everyone has a story they struggle with, especially those with PTSD. It’s the story that haunts them at night and chases them all day. It’s the one they had no intention of telling – until now.

Welcome to Unlikely Recruits

Where hope, healing, and faith come alive. This book isn't just a collection of stories; it's a place where every heartbeat counts and every person can find hope through the unlikely intersection of horse, human, and faith.

If you're dealing with PTSD, Unlikely Recruits goes beyond being merely a book. It's like a friend for your journey, acknowledging your quiet courage and the tough battles you face every day. Let these stories be your support, helping you heal with the kind of steady love and understanding that only a horse can offer.

For horse lovers, this book is a tribute to these amazing animals. It celebrates how they bring calm and peace into our lives, easing our inner turmoil with every encounter. It's a salute to the quiet, deep bond we share with horses, filled with tranquility and a taste of freedom.

For those who find strength in their faith, this book gently reminds you of the wonders of life. It shows how every part of creation is stitched into a healing tapestry by God, rekindling faith where it's faded and guiding you towards peace and recovery.

And for anyone who's been through tough times – be it depression, anxiety, addiction, or deep despair – "Unlikely Recruits" offers a kind, understanding hand. If you've ever been on the brink, wondering if it's worth hanging on, let this book be a gentle yet powerful beacon of hope. Healing isn't something you have to do alone. Through these pages, you'll find companions to walk with you, recognizing the importance of each brave step towards getting better.

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From A Veteran About Unlikely Recruits

“I joined the Army thinking the real battles were out there, but the toughest fight turned out to be inside my own head. At Trinity's Veteran Wellness Program, I was just looking for some kind of peace, honestly —  not expecting much.

Toni and her team get it right in "Unlikely Recruits." She tells our stories without sugarcoating. We're veterans who’ve hit rock bottom and ended up at Trinity, skeptical as hell. Therapy with horses? Sounded like a wasted shot in the dark.

But this book is different. It's real. It talks about the gritty, honest path to healing. It’s not just war stories; it’s about how these horses somehow break down the walls we’ve built around ourselves.  They’re just there, no judgments — and that hits hard.

They subtly weave in faith, too. Not in a preachy way, but showing how a quiet belief can be part of the turnaround. This kind of healing doesn’t start with a bang. It starts with something simple, like the calm presence of a horse and a sense of something bigger at play. That’s where things began to shift for me and they’ve never been the same since.”


KPM – US Army Veteran

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A Letter From A White Star Mom

As a parent who's lost a son to the silent war of PTSD, I can't help but wonder if "Unlikely Recruits" could have been the beacon of hope we desperately needed. Paul was one of the over 20 veterans per day who, overwhelmed by despair, made a tragic and irreversible choice.

This book, with its stories of struggle and healing, might have offered him a glimpse of hope, he couldn't see in his darkest moments. For families like ours, grappling with loss, it could be a window into the world our sons and daughters faced, a world of silent battles and hidden pain.

I wish Paul had encountered the healing stories in this book, perhaps then he would have found the strength to hold on. To other veterans still fighting, let this book be your guide back from the edge, a reminder that you're not alone, and healing is possible.

To the therapists, social workers, and supporters, your role is crucial. Your efforts can change the course of a story like my Paul’s.

In my grief, bolstered by faith and the hope that he is now at peace, I share this. "Unlikely Recruits" is more than just a book; it's a potential lifeline, a message of hope, and perhaps, a way to prevent another family from facing such a loss. Let it be a guiding light for those searching for a way back to peace.

Gladys; White Star Mother of US Army-Private 1st Class PFJ

Unlikely Recruits Book Trailer

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