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Hey There! 

I'm Toni Mattson

Welcome to a place where real life and resilience meet. Where we don’t just talk about hope; we nurture it, live it, share it, and celebrate it.

As a Midwest gal, speaker, author, podcast host, and your biggest cheerleader, I’m dedicated to embracing God, family, and hope with everything I've got and lead you to live the life God created you for. Here, our journey blends the healing power of horses, the tough spirit of people, and the kind of faith that keeps us going.

After 15 years of supporting veterans battling PTSD, I've learned the transformative power of hope. More than a concept, hope is a lifeline—it's what stops someone from giving up and facing a fate too many veterans succumb to daily. Witnessing hope's role in their journey towards healing and resilience made it clear to me: hope isn't just important, it's essential for survival. Knowing this caused me to shift my entire focus towards nurturing and spreading hope.


So, whether you are or have served in the military or emergency services, or you’re a survivor of trauma, or someone just trying to stay up while life’s pushing you down, you're in the right place.


Our Mission Is Simple But Mighty

…to magnify the spirit of hope and spread it. Through our growing community we offer a place to connect, be ourselves, share stories, and celebrate hope and healing, side by side.


We’re here to tell you: your fight is our fight. We’re on this journey together. My path is one of listening, learning, and leading while sharing the firm belief that every life has a unique purpose set by God, but sometimes needs a little help living it out. I’m here to share what I’ve lived and learned, not to brag, but to show what a little faith, hope, and horses are able to do. 


As you peruse my website, you’ll find resources and stories hand-picked to lift you up and give you hope. Whether you need a speaker who talks straight from the heart, some guidance on your own journey, or a story that lights up your day, this is your podcast! 

Welcome to our circle, our community! We’re really glad you’re here.


Where you can Connect with Toni

May 5 | Jacob's Well 

May 15 | Women With Purpose - Author Luncheon

May 17 | Enchanted Barn 

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