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I love encouraging women. I do that through my speaking, writing, and now by my new weekly Live the Life Podcast.


There’s been so many times in my life when I needed someone to come along side of me, to share their wisdom and inspiration. To be a truth-teller and give me a bit of tough-love along with a hug. I needed them to take the time to soothe my soul by sharing a song, scripture, story, or just to pump me back up. As I grew in my faith, it became obvious that people felt comfortable coming to me for encouragement. What a blessing to me (and hopefully them).

What I’ve learned from my precious encouragers is if we're curious enough, without judgement, to ask WHY, and courageous enough to allow our lives to be changed, we WILL grow and become encouragers to others. 

Whether if it's how we see PTSD and those who struggle with it, or the grief that threatens to consume us, or whatever you're grappling with, I believe it's in each of us to be encouragers. And if you feel the same, then make sure you’re a TM Insider and a weekly listener of my podcast Live the Life. We’ll cover topics like: faith, growth, peace, life, death, clarity, simplicity, health, purpose, Veterans, and oh my gosh — so much more! We’ll dive deep into things that deepen our faith, bring value to our lives, help us focus and flourish, and set us up to live the life God created us for.

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TM Live the Life Podcast

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