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Most days, you’ll find me in my favorite worn-out Levis and flip flops, sitting under our pergola at the lake, working on either a message for an upcoming speaking gig, or another chapter in my book. Either way, I’m basking in blessings and love sharing the cool things God does when He joins us at work with horses and veterans.

As long as I can remember, I was a storyteller, and a kid with a big dream - owning a horse ranch with my sister Jan. 

My dream could’ve taken a left turn after I accidentally startled our father in an innocent late night encounter. I was nine-years-old, and he was larger than life to me. But he was haunted by survivor’s guilty and PTSD after serving 20 years in WWII. I snuck up behind him to give a hug and say hi, when he spun off his stool, slammed me to the floor, and put me in a choke hold. 

That turned out to be my first of many encounters with post-traumatic stress disorder. Little did I know, that experience, along with my crazy love affair with horses, paved my purpose in life. 

In 2002, Bill (my husband, best friend and US Air Force veteran) along with our two sons and my sis Jan, bought the horse ranch of our dreams, and in 2009 launched our Equine Assisted Veteran Wellness Program. We’ve worked with hundreds of struggling veterans and their families to find hope and healing, giving thousands of free therapy hours to them.

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