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Hey There! 

I'm Toni Mattson

Welcome to a place where real life and resilience meet. Where we don’t just talk about hope; we nurture it, live it, share it, and celebrate it.

I’m a speaker, author and podcast host who spreads hope through stories. Stories where hope and change aren’t just wishful thinking, but something we experience every day. Our journey here blends the healing power of horses, the tough spirit of people, and the kind of faith that keeps us going.

We know hope isn’t just a word or a flowery concept; it’s a lifeline for those trying to move forward after a deep wound.

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I'm on a Mission

...some may even say a crusade to encourage and empower women to Live the Life God created them for so they can help others do the same. 

Whether I’m speaking to an audience of ladies, or sitting knee-to-knee with them, they share the greatest source of discouragement for them is feeling that they’re not living a purpose-filled life or making the difference they dreamed of.  

God wired us so we would yearn to matter. He gave us passions to discover and pursue so we live filled with purpose, a deep desire to make a difference, and to be the courageous pebbles in the pond – creating ripples of holy change and lead others to do the same. 

This is how I’m led to live. And I’m inundated with ladies who reach out wanting to do the same – but not knowing how.

Toni’s approach is so different than others I’ve worked with. Her process is practical, compassionate and achievable. She uses her step-by-step method to get to the heart of the matter quickly and then helps us shape what living our purpose looks like for each of us. Her Masterclasses are spectacular. I’ll continue to enroll in every one she offers.”



I’m content being considered different. I don’t measure worth by numbers, clicks, or likes. For me, value is achieved when hope is found, passion is discovered, and purpose is lived. The questions I prefer to ask are, “Who can I serve?” “Where can I bring value?” and “How can I use what I’ve lived and learned to help others?”

Whether you or someone you love struggles with PTSD, or if living a fulfilled life feels beyond your reach, I’m here to say - you’re in the right place. I am passionate about guiding you to discover and live your Four P’s—passion, power, peace, and purpose and to help you weave you’re calling into your everyday life. 


That’s living on purpose. That’s living the life God created you for and I’m here to help you do just that.

Join Toni's Circle and tune into Live the Life Podcast to journey with me! 

Where you can Connect with Toni

Nov. 4 | Rescued and Redeemed, Everlasting Hope 1- 4 PM

Nov. 7 | UWEC Veterans student and staff commemoration

Nov. 8 | Central Lutheran Church, Chippewa Falls

Nov. 9 | UWRF Keynote Speaker - Veteran's Commemoration Ceremony

Nov. 11 | Enchanted Barn book celebration

Nov. 12 | Central Lutheran Church, Chippewa Falls

Nov. 15-18 | Nashville, TN International Christian Visual Media Conference Pitch-a-thon 

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