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Toni treasures being in person with her audiences. She has traveled the US and Canada extensively, speaking on radio and TV, at colleges and seminaries, at conferences and business workshops, churches, state fairs, couples retreat, and lady’s banquets. Her messages are real, and sometimes a bit raw, just like life. Playful and poignant, she always circles back to remind us, that the connection, relationship, and trust in God is at the apex of all healing. When we allow that truth to settle in, it changes how we think, what we believe, and who we are. Toni’s audiences sit back and soak up her stories of hope and healing, transformation and gratitude as they join her on her journey.


“I love sharing my life experiences and faith journey with my guests. After all, I’m just like them.” 

She was a kid with a dream. A horse lover from 5-years-old, her dream was to own a horse ranch with her sister Jan. That dream was reshaped by their WWII veteran father’s return after 20 years, haunted by survivor’s guilty and PTSD.  A startling late night event gave Toni her first lesson in post-traumatic stress disorder, and unknowingly etched her purpose in life. In her early twenties, she married Bill, her best friend, a fellow horse-lover, and a US Air Force veteran. 


“The time with my audiences is precious. It’s a privilege to share how God plants passion and purpose in each of us, and how it’s never too late to discover and live it. Or how He takes dark and turns it to light, transforming grief into gratitude. And how there’s nothing we can do that God doesn’t have the desire or power to redeem. Even after fifteen years of working with our horses to help heal others, I marvel at how He shows up in the most surprising places, in the most unexpected ways, and how His Trinity and ours blend to change lives.”

Toni unapologetically shares the wins and losses as a family, a couple, and as married business partners, tucking these precious lessons in between the laughs and tears. No matter the message; veterans in need of help from horses, incarcerated veterans in need of redemption and purpose, or the countless lessons she’s learned from the thousands of hours being nose-to-nose and shoulder-to-shoulder with horses. She always shares how our Father never fails us, never judges us, and never, ever leaves us how He found us. He loves us too much for that. He graciously picks us up, shakes us off, and sets our feet on the path He created for us. 


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Some of Toni's Favorite Topics


Have You Written Your Obituary Yet?

Morbid – maybe. Premature – hopefully. But it’s an incredible tool for living the life you want to be remembered for. The life God dreamed for you. Join Toni on this life-changing journey, filled with laughs, tears, and an action plan for change.

A Journey From Grief to Gratitude

We will all experience loss. Knee-buckling loss. The sweeter the love, the deeper the wound, and the more griping the grief. Toni knows about loss, and discusses with audiences her unique perspective, and how God graciously transforms our grief into gratitude, if we let Him.

What I learned in prison.jpg

What I Learned In Prison

For fifteen years, Toni’s worked with struggling veterans on the beautiful campus of Trinity Equestrian Center. The work is a tribute to her father who served and returned changed. But when she took her therapy to prison, the white fences and green pastures became metal bars, and razor-wire. This is a must-hear message of God’s forgiveness, redemption, and His purpose for every life.

Is Our Faith A Noun or a Verb?

Join Toni as she drills down on the concept of living our faith as a verb. Showing the action of our faith as something worth seeing, believing in, moving towards, and committing to.


How God Transforms Our Fears Into Fearlessness

What do you fear most? Snakes, flying, public speaking? Join this edgy discussion that challenges us to identify the frightening giants in our life, to face and conquer them, so we can fully and fearlessly serve our God. 

Standing Out in a Sea of Likeness

Have you ever passed a field of thousands of sunflowers and wondered, what makes any of them different or special? Are you struggling to stand out in a sea of likeness? Be part of the conversation that helps define how God expects us to stand out? How we can live so onlookers notice our unique peace and joy, and want it for their life?

Sea of Likeness.jpg

Veterans, Horses, Hope, & Purpose

Hope is a four letter word that many veterans have a love-hate relationship with. Most desperately want it, but have bought into the lie that they don’t deserve it. They can't fathom hope's immeasurable worth when they're stuck in a hopeless state.  They don't understand that it becomes the anchor of their survival and the catalyst for their transformation. It’s a gift God provides in full measure to those who are willing to believe in it, and hold tight to it. Especially those struggling with service related PTSD.

Join me as I share story after story of how God uses horses to help veterans find hope, healing, and purpose.

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